WIP Wednesday: A Whole Lotta Nothin’

Pulling up to the gate late on this WIP Wednesday to report in not a whole lot. I didn’t post anything last week because I didn’t have anything to post, except a knit sock I’ve been working on since midterms, which has been photographed about as much as a reality star lately. But what’s the harm in checking in and saying my personal creative projects are not taking off as well as my reading or fitness project this year.

That photo there is about all the paint I’ve laid down since mid-2018. It’s a start. I see the images in my mind – the colors, the forms, the haphazard randomness I want to throw down on top of it – but I haven’t really translated that into anything physical lately. Oh sure, I could come up with excuses: I’m tired, I don’t like my painting space, the rain makes the paint act different than I’m used to – but none of it matters. The most creative time of my life was when I had the least time and the least space.

So here I am, checking in to say that’s my painting so far this year. It’s sixteen days in and I’ve taken some photos, finished no paintings, written no fiction, and I’m still stuck largely in observation mode. You may know that mode: you’re reading about things, studying, watching. It’s sitting in the audience. It’s buying your materials. It’s doing anything but the messy reality of the act of creation.

Then again, this is ‘Work In Progress Wednesday,’ and that painting is indeed in progress. The way I do this style is to lay down some initial watercolor blobs and streaks, then let it fully dry. Then maybe some acrylic or a more intense layer of watercolor. Again, let it dry. After that comes a multimedia layer, then the splattery glittery goo. Sometimes I throw some paint down in a spare fifteen minutes here and there. Sometimes I let the idea of what I could have gotten done in a week smother what I actually did get done. I picked up the brushes and the pigment again, and that’s a win.

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