Movin’ and Shakin’ (Reading Challenge Week 4)

Almost everything has been at least ten times harder than usual in the past week, as I’ve been suffering from a head cold. Fortunately one of the things that was still pretty easy to do was read! Had a great week of it, finishing off that memoir in short order last weekend, and then spending the rest of the week chipping away at War and Peace, and quickly devouring The Big Ones: How Natural Disasters Have Shaped Us (and What We Can Do About Them) by Dr. Lucy Jones.

I quite admire Dr. Jones for her accomplished career and her forthright manner of sharing relevant information and cutting through the misinformation with her expertise. If you haven’t heard of her, I’m betting you don’t live in an earthquake-prone region! She is a prominent seismologist here in Southern California. Her book, The Big Ones, covers not only some of the most devastating earthquakes in recorded history, but also hurricanes, floods, and volcanoes, to name a few. It is an impressive blend of history, science, psychology, and personal experience.

The Big Ones largely focuses on the intersection of the natural disaster and the human response to it – how we explain it, how we plan for it, and how we fail or buoy each other in the aftermath. It’s really a great read to give perspective to a lot of stories you may have seen in the news but only got a few soundbites on. Disasters will always be with us, and this book delves into how we make peace with that while making preparations, too. (On that note, I must ask – do you have your earthquake prep kit ready?)

My only “complaint” about this book is that it is a mere 224 pages. I would have easily devoured twice that! I will readily read any other commercial publications Dr. Jones puts out – her writing style and knowledge make for an enthralling experience. Five stars for this one.

As far as the goal goes, I’ve upped my average and am still enjoying the project. No temptations this week! Happy to be finally getting to some of these awesome books I had let sit too long – this one because it was signed and I worried about the damage I might inflict on the book if I carted it around in a bag with me. How silly, right? I do like my things pristine, but the never knowing the wonders inside is too high a price to pay.

Keep reading, keep learning, keep growing!

Stats, Week 4 (change from last week)

Books completed (total): 3 (+2)

Books to go: 57 (-2)

Pages read (total): 1129 (+385)

Pages to go: 21,629 (-385)

Pages per day: 45.16 (+3.83)

Pages per day to complete entire goal by end of year: 63.61 (+0.17)

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