WIP Wednesday #3 – Wait, what?

Please excuse the cheeky title this week, as I realized it’s the sixth Wednesday of the year and this is only my third WIP post. At that, it’s going to be a quick one, because I have about 15 minutes to post this before I run off to an event. I’m fighting for this here – art has been hard hard hard to concentrate on this year – so hang in here with me (and I might improve this post when I have more time.)

This is a study in kale, trying to get those little bumps and pockets expressed in the paint. Not very easy for someone who tends towards nonrepresentational watercolor work. Kale, as you may know, is my soulmate.

Sock progress! This is still that pair I’ve been working on next to forever – this is at least sock #2. I know posting it will light a fire under me to finish it or be shamed forever.

The reading thing has been going so much better than this venture for one very tangible reason: I don’t have an app to track my art/craft progress. There’s something so satisfying about adding another 10 pages to the count, but like, painting is just so much less quantifiable. Also: stress. I’m dealing with quite a bit at the moment, so I have to just get laser focused that my own work matters.

That’s all for now!

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