When Hell Freezes Over (Reading Challenge Week 8)

Welcome to my worst week of this yet! As you might guess from the late late timestamp on this post, this project really fell down my priority list this week. It’s going to have to sometimes. In addition to having a lot of things I was trying to get done this week, I took quite a few blows to my self-esteem and confidence and I had to run out to try to take pictures of snow clouds. Oh, yes! SNOW IN LOS ANGELES. I didn’t see any personally, but I got some nice shots of storm clouds. (I’ll post some more of those this week.)

Last weekend, I successfully finished applying the KonMari method to my book collection. It was so much easier than I expected! It was really easy to let go of books I’d purchased used and already read. I expected to let go of 5-10 books and I ended up clearing out 27! The rest almost fit properly on my bookshelves – but I let the overflow go because I am in the midst of this project. Some of these will be let go as soon as I finish them. I still have 157 books – including all reference, cookbooks, coffee table books, and general reading. All in all, I let go of 15% of my books. I’m really pleased with this!

I did carefully consider, one by one, whether I truly wanted to read all 54 books left on this to-read list, and decided that yes, I do. Each one seems interesting and still relevant to things I want to know more about. I think I cleared out a bunch of books about three years ago I knew I’d never care to read, and haven’t picked up any more since. So there’s no change in the stats of this project!

I’ve taken the books to a few different places to donate. On one of my walks around town, I left a few in the Little Free Library in Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles. This is a really cool concept where you can take or leave books as you need. There’s several in Grand Park and I distributed a few paperbacks around. I hope somebody enjoys what I dropped off!

Left some goodies in here

It’s also nice to leave some books in my apartment lobby for neighbors to snag. I’ve picked up a few this way myself! I’m also partial to donating a lot of used books to the library in my old neighborhood. I have a lot fond memories there over the years and I still make a special trip despite having libraries closer to where I live now. This library is the one closest to my heart, so they get my donations! (It’s also where I buy most of my used books!)

Obviously it’s always best to pass on a great book to friends and family. Somehow, though I couldn’t find any takers for my Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. Come on, guys!

So, in conclusion – no books completed this week, but a lot of progress made on that bit of neglected book clutter that was building up. It’s so nice to know everything on the shelf is useful in some way. Now, if you’ll excuse me from the internet for a bit – I am over-stressed and over-exhausted and it is time to enjoy life a bit so I can recalibrate to be better at all the things I do. Have a great weekend!

Stats, Week 8 (change from last week)

Books completed (total): 6 (+0)

Books to go: 54 (-0)

Pages read (total): 2462 (+182)

Pages to go: 20296 (-182)

Pages per day (all year): 46.45 (-3.12)

Pages per day to complete entire goal by end of year: 65.05 (+0.86)

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