Between the Covers Quarterly Review

Let’s talk quarterly reviews, boring books, moving on, and coming attractions.

As you well know, last Sunday was the end of the quarter. I compiled a few statistics on the first three months of this project. Then I promptly burned out, because I am really, really, really tired of keeping track of this stuff.

This project was a bit of a substitute for wanting to track some sort of physical fitness training program – something I’ve attempted and failed in recent years due to health issues. I didn’t need to be healthy to read, so I felt pretty good I could accomplish this and not feel like an utter failure. Cool thing is now I’m healthy enough to train again and I have very little desire to push myself to read an excessive amount every day. It’s been especially bad since coming up on a run of books that were not worth my time. It has started to feel like work and I’m not really about that right now because there’s a lot of other things I want to do. The Book Festival is coming up, everything is blooming and bursting, and there’s just only so much time in the day I can sit still.

So here’s the stats for the first twelve weeks, then this project will only be updated the first Saturday of every month. Got it? Good. Here goes!

Pages read:

Week 1: 135
Week 2: 254
Week 3: 490
Week 4: 385
Week 5: 483
Week 6: 442
Week 7: 226
Week 8: 182
Week 9: 110
Week 10: 278
Week 11: 210
Week 12: 291

Total Pages read First Quarter: 3783
Average pages per day: 42.03

In this time I completely read 11 books, many of which you can find mention of in the previous posts in this series. I quit just one book without finishing. I have given away 3 of the books I completed in this challenge, been sidetracked by zero, and am partially through 2 additional, including being 20% of the way through War & Peace.

The most enjoyable read was Into Thin Air, albeit it a bit of a controversial one.

The highest quality read was The Big Ones by Dr. Lucy Jones — and I recommend everyone read it for themselves!

The worst reads I won’t mention. Not worth it! We all have our personal preferences and life’s too short to spend it hating.

As far as my current impressions of War & Peace, while I’m glad to finally be reading it due to its legendary status, I am just not feeling it. It’s so old, it’s so antiquated, it’s so.. boring. I can appreciate the technical feat, but I just roll my eyes at it in so many places. For example:

As always happens when women lead lonely lives for any length of time without male society, on Anatole’s appearance all the three women of Prince Bolkonski’s household felt that their life had not been real till then.

Please. My sides.

For the first 90 days of this challenges, I tracked pages but not time spent. I now need to track time spent and I do not have the luxury of as much free time to read. This could have a counterintuitive effect of actually making me more productive (I thrive on busy busy busy) or it could just be what it is. Here’s the thing: it’s not really worth dissecting.

So, good folks of the reading world, read! But also go outside. It’s spring and the world is still beautiful and you have to feed your senses as well as your brain cells. Find balance. Feel, love, learn, and listen more than you preach. This column will be back in a few weeks, and Eccentera will be bursting with other new life one of these days soon. I’m still finding my way back to everything, but it’s getting better all the time.

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