Read All The Things: April Stats

I’m not sure if it was a fatal mistake to not update about this project on a weekly basis or if it was inevitable that I would fall off and do other things for awhile. Life got absolutely overwhelming in the past month, mostly with just a host of really annoying problems that took a lot of time and energy to solve. No real drama, no tragedies, just a lot of frustration and a lack of ability to sit down and focus on words on a page.

It was also the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which is one of my favorite nerdy events of the year. I always take some random panels relevant to my interests to discover some new authors and branch out in my reading life. I always seem to pick one abysmal panel and one that blows my mind. This year the latter was Crime Fiction: The Hidden Truths, featuring some new-to-me authors that I immediately added to my must-read list. This, of course, set the project back! After the grind of the past month, I treated myself to going off-plan and reading one of my favorite genres, starting with Joe Ide’s IQ, which I am reading this weekend.

As far as the list goes – I finished one book in April, which I was mightily disappointed in. I am almost finished with, and have really enjoyed reading Garbo: Her Story, which is full of pithy wisdom from the legendary actress, including her takes on Hollywood sexism, the uselessness of having a husband, and privacy. If only so many of her experiences of nearly a hundred years ago didn’t sound like they could have happened today. I continue along on War & Peace but I am not having any sort of love affair with the work.

I was without my goal tracking app for a large part of April, due to phone problems and then even bigger problems getting everything all compatible to restore from the backup. I do think that affected my productivity in all areas of my life because I just felt so lost using this bland, unpersonalized holdover phone when I practically live and breathe via my apps. I tracked daily reading totals on paper and plugged them in when I was finally back in the game, but it was just so annoying, you know? You’ll almost never catch me talking on the phone and these days I greatly limit my social media consumption – but give me those time, fitness, and progress tracking apps, please!

Stats, through May 3:

Books completed (total): 12 (+1)

Books to go: 47 (-1)

Pages read (total): 4205 (+422)

Pages to go: 18385 (-422)

Pages per day (overall) : 34.19 (-7.84)

Pages per day since last update: 11.72

Pages per day to complete entire goal by end of year: 75.97

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