About Jordan

I’m Jordan and my favorite place to be is behind a camera, not in front of one — so this site is more about things I create, read, discover, and adore than it is about me. While I harbored the notion of turning Eccentera into a full-fledged art business for a bit, right now it’s just a blog serving as a creative outlet. Things may change but it’s pretty low key right now.

I’ve been a few things in my life, but they usually center around the visual arts – and if not I’ll usually get designated the go-to photographer of the group. I’ve been in television production, a fusion bellydancer, a writer, a photographer, and more. I started in small town Michigan covering sports and local events and I’ve been as far as refugee camps in Chad. I also like to say I’ve seen many versions of LA. Maybe we’ve met at a fashion show I was photographing, somewhere in the dance universe, or on the trails. I’ve never settled on just one thing in my life and my blog reflects that currently. There’s just so so much in the world, why would you want to ever do just one thing?

I currently live in Los Angeles, but I often miss actual weather and also Chicago. At the end of the day I just want everything to be a little better, a little prettier, and be fully exhausted from my adventures. Life is short, juice it.

-jrl 1/19